CURRENT ESTIMATED Sq. Ft. = 58,204.5

1,200 Miles


“Mobilize Walls” is a unique and extensive mural project to pursue a massive petition of scale. “Mobilize Walls”utilizes concepts from complexity and network science to achieve an overall mental model of resistance to counter divisiveness. Though the work itself may not directly address these concepts, the overarching project will. This is executed by creating a quantifiable and decentralized network of murals to ultimately out-scale the proposed Mexico-United States border wall.



It is essential to activate our communities and walls and provide an inclusive conversation of transformation that opposes the Trump administration's policies.

The current treatment of immigrants with the proposal of building a wall along the Mexico-United States border is a corrosive action to our mental health, environment, income and society. 


The recent approach towards families and individuals arriving to the United States after fleeing violence and poverty sends a message to the world and the citizens of this country that compassion and empathy is not something we uphold. 

This proposed wall will not only affect our psyche, but will block the natural environment in the deserts of the Southwest. Species will be disrupted from their way of life as will the natural flow of water. 

At an estimated cost of $66.9 billion, this wall will take up our country’s annual budget for maintenance. At “Mobilize Walls”, we believe this budget would be better spent towards supporting the arts, fighting poverty, progressing education and working to heal the environment.


Along the Mexico-United States border resides the Tohono O'odham Nation. Building a wall that will divide a First Nations people will be damaging to our society. This wall is meant to instill fear and division amongst our communities in our country. 


Our solution is to create this largely inclusive petition of scale to send a message to our current administration. We believe in building all over the world with the great spiritsof tolerance, transformation, love, and healing. The work we conceive resides in societies harnessing the energy of the people who want to experience a world based on unity and good health.


If you are a visual artist or feel the desire to activate yourself to the call of inclusiveness and the greater good of humanity, please reach out.



 We are working to push the boundaries on how current and historical issues are visually portrayed, healed, discussed ,conceptualized, activated and shared through public art.