Register a Blank Wall

We are excepting applications of legal walls to paint. If you own or lease an exterior wall and you want to lend the vertical space to an artist to paint what they want, please register your wall. If you love this concept but don't paint Murals, Create Land Art, Street Art or Write Graffiti please contribute by donating your wall. We do not except walls for commercial gain or advertisement. Letting an artist paint your wall can be a dynamic process one must be open and ready to receive the mysterious process of creation and expression as it happens. Donate your wall for the cause and because you support freedom of expression and inclusiveness in the world. Once you donate and register your blank wall we will try and connect you to an artist in your area or potentially traveling through.On another We also accept currency donations to help with projects for Mobilize Walls.

*Please make sure you have permission to paint the wall if you are leasing the wall, building or structure.


*Know your local mural regulations"Ex. Google City & Mural Regulations"


*If you do not own or lease a building but want to "Mobilize Self" to find blank walls

1.Find a wall

2.Contact Owner

3.Get them to register Wall 

4.Send us an email

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