Paralellism a Mural by:

Joerael and music by Shining Soul

A Mural by Joerael Inside the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe NM set to a tune by Shining Soul. Song Title: OUTRO. 

This mural is depicting the complexities around current border issues and the Proposed Wall. It is a part of a Mobilize Walls project to collectively out scale the proposed wall in a decentralized effort.​

DEF-I " Style Writing

 Official Music Video Entry NO.2

OFFICIAL VIDEO by Def-i & DJ Kayote Serpent City Records 2017

This is a great video with a visual insight to some Southwest Graffiti culture by an authentic voice Def-I out of ABQ NM.

Shining Soul "ALL DAY

               Official Music Video Entry NO.1

Shining Soul just released this powerful video that gave us the chills it is so good!

There is a lot to consider and become aware of considering the wall! Please watch and may this video shed some light and connect you to some deeper aspects as to why this proposed wall should not exist. 

Indigenous City Culture

  Graffiti Lecture by: Joerael  Entry NO. 2

If you were ever curious as to what graffiti is and why we humans like to write on walls you may enjoy this video. Learn about Graff's history, lineage, constraints, culture,future and expression as social symptom.

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